A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Once upon a time, stardust sources provided energy and resources for thriving worlds everywhere in the galaxy. But because of reasons unknown to anyone the stardust streams shifted and the worlds stopped recieving the life-spending stardust showers. The flora and fauna on those just vanished.

To make the galaxy bloom again, ancient planet beeing have awaken from their slumber with the intention of using their own gravity to redirect the stardust streams to the worlds in need of them.

Can you help them turn wastelands into endless oceans and greenfields again?

How to play

  • Click on a level number
  • Left-click on a planet (the things with eyes) to make it grow
  • Right-click on a planet to make it shrink
  • Middle-click and drag to move the camera
  • Use the scroll-wheel to zoom in and out

Install instructions

  • Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Donwload the 7z-file
  • Unpack the tinyGIANTplanets folder somwhere on you machine
  • Run tinyGIANTplanets.jar
  • Have fun


tinyGIANTplanets.7z 13 MB
tinyGIANTplanets.zip 13 MB